Our leopard hunts are conducted out of Mozambique and Namibia. Leopard are known for the cunning ability to hunt for prey and their quiet stalking abilities. 

With unmatched beauty and unique markings to each individual animal- a Tom leopard weighs anywhere from 120lbs to upwards of 200lbs! 

Our leopard hunts are done using man made ground blinds to set up on bait trees the Tom leopard is coming to. It is normal when leopard hunting to have 8+ bait sites at one time. With daily game camera checks and needing to refresh baits- leopard hunts are an all day and all hands on deck hunt!

Being nocturnal, these animals are most active in the early morning and evening when they are likely to check a bait site and you need to be ready and waiting. If hunted at night over bait it is debatable whether hunting at full or new moon is best. The best time to hunt are the colder months when Leopards seem to be more active and your baits last a lot longer even though Leopards will eat really rotten meat.

Once a nice Tom leopard is on bait your ph (professional hunter) and team will make a blind where the hunter and ph will sit and wait for the Tom to come in. Ones the leopard is at the bait tree the Ph must determine the sex and trophy quality of the cat. If the PH gives the green light it’s on the hunter to make a precise shot to harvest the leopard.



Known for the stealth and ability to climb trees with their kill leopard are a dream hunt for anyone who has been to Africa. Our leopard hunts are conducted via ground blinds and bait trees. It is not unusual to have 10+ bait trees for leopard. Once a large Tom gets spotted on camera your ph and trackers will set up a “leopard blind”. Which is a blind with two small openings for your ph to verify the age and sex of the animal and one for just the barrel and scope of the weapon of the hunters to be seen. It is important to stay very quiet and still while waiting for the leopard to come to the bait. They are known for having a keen sense of danger. 


Once the leopard is harvested all hands will be on deck to track and recover the trophy tom cat.



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