One of the most popular African plains game to hunt the impala provides a challenge for the novice or expert hunter. Traveling in large herds-  ram impala have plenty of eyes to keep  them alert to lurking danger nearby. Impala travel in three here types 1) territorial males 2) female herds and 3) bachelor herds. Males grow arch like horns used to lock in while fighting rival male impala. 


Rams weigh around 120lbs or similar to Mid West American whitetail buck. 


There are also subspecies of impala available to hunt- black impala and white flanked impala.


Impala inhabit shrub and savannah type habitat where a hunter and the PH can see far to spot the animals, and yet there’s enough cover to stalk them. Impalas can be active in either day and light but is most conspicuous in the morning and in the evening. This behavior makes Impala one of the best quarries for spot-and-stalk hunting. When alarmed, the herd of impalas forms a tight group, when it is easy to lose track of the trophy you’ve chosen, and the bullet might easily pass through your target and hit another Impala that stands behind. It’s also not the best idea to shoot Impala on the run, as they can leap in zig-zag, effectively avoiding predators. Impala never venture far from water sources, and must have a drink on a regular basis. This offers a bowhunter an opportunity to hunt this animal from a ground blind or tree stand positioned over a waterhole.


Impala hunts are done via spot and stalk or over water during the dry season. With lots of eyes on you stalking quietly to get into position is key. About the size of a whitetail- impala make a great hunt for first time safari goers or for the experts of the bushveld




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