Known as the “Grey Ghost” are one of the most sought after animals in Africa. Kudu tend to live in drier areas of Southern Africa. Rarely seen in the open males tend to stick to bachelor groups but will mingle and will only be seen with females during their breeding season from mid April to May. Kudu have large spiraling horns that can grow to over 60”! They are truly the epitome of African beauty!

The first choice of hunting methods for Kudu hunting is spot-and-stalk; however, the typical Kudu habitat, while well adapted for stalking, is not always suitable for the now-classic African way of spotting from vehicles, so you should be prepared to do a fair deal of walking. Hunting from a blind over salt licks and water holes is also possible, and many hunters, especially bowhunters, find the opportunity to observe the African nature from concealment an exciting bonus to the hunt itself.





The kudu or grey ghost as it is well known has the ability to hide in the brush like no other. Their long strong legs make them get away artists if they feel threatened. Typically hunted via spot and stalk with long miles ahead for the hunter. Although sitting at a water hole during the dry season is always a good option to get an opportunity to see different size and age kudu.




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