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It is unnecessary to pack excessive clothing because laundry services are provided daily. Three changes of clothes are perfectly adequate for any length of stay.

SHIRTS – four or two long-sleeved and two short-sleeved (olive green or dark khaki).

TROUSERS – Two long trousers.

SHORTS – Two walking shorts. 

JACKET – Light-weight hunting jacket and Light to medium jacket.

RAINCOAT – Light raincoat.

UNDERWEAR – Four sets of underwear - Sweater or Sweatshirt.

HAT – “Boonie” hat or other such wide-brimmed hat.

SOCKS – Six pairs medium socks.

SHOES – Two pairs walking shoes.

GLOVES – One pair of gloves.

BINOCULARS – Light weight binoculars – preferably 7×35 or 8×32 

CAMERA – 1 digital type for photos - scenic and trophies.

DAY BAG – small to medium, soft bag for carrying personal items.

GOOD FLASHLIGHT – pack extra batteries.


SUNGLASSES – Rugged Pair of Sunglasses.

MISCELLANEOUS – personal toiletries, extra eyeglasses, insect repellent, good quality sunscreen (at least SPF 30), lip balm, reading material, personal tobacco products, and any personal medication.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are prone to sore feet, heavier socks and a pair of sturdier hunting boots are advisable. Whatever your choice, shoe or boot, the soles should be made of rubber without lugs or cleats so that you can move quietly while stalking and tracking game. Dark-colored boots/shoes are recommended, NOT WHITE!


Guns available at the Lodge

  • 270 Winchester 
  • 7mm-08 Remingto
  • 7x57mm Mauser
  • 280 Remington
  • 7mm magnum cartridges
  • 308 Winchester 
  • 30-06 Springfield
  • 300 magnum cartridges
  • 338 Winchester Magnum
  • 375 H&H Magnum



All meals are prepared with traditional African flare!  You will be offered a delicious array of flavors and aromas, as well as a promise to please your palette.  Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients in the preparation of your meals, and are sure to present them in the most spectacular way. We also offer a selection of our best local wines and non-alcoholic beverages at dinner.  If you have any special dietary request, kindly notify us in advance and we will gladly make the necessary arrangements.


Final destination for the hunting is Johannesburg International Airport (JNB). The best connections are through Atlanta, USA or Washington-Dulles, USA to Johannesburg Airport. Non stop flights depart from these airports.

From Johannesburg International Airport to the lodge is a 3.30 to 4 hours drive depending on traffic.



In order to make the most of your stay here in this beautiful continent, partnered with Beagle International, our sister company with amazing professionals that will be greatly happy to assist you if you are interested in doing some kind of non-hunting activity in Africa.

Beagle International has 5 different departments dedicated to help travellers organize the type of travel experience they wish in terms of hotel accommodation, activities, tours and flights.

One of them is Beagle Experience, which believes that all guests should have access to the best places, to visit wild animals in Africa or Asia, special rainforests in central America, or remote areas like Australia and Finland. Activities may include horseback riding, hot-air ballooning, fly camping under the stars, camel trekking, helicopter adventures, or visiting some of the local communities we work alongside. The options are almost limitless and for those who just want to relax, there are tranquil spa spaces.

We work every day to satisfy the needs of sophisticated and luxurious travelers and guests, as well as small private groups of friends seeking for a mid-rate trip, and even larger groups planning to have an affordable and nice experience. We specialize in custom itineraries based on your group's wishes and budget keeping in mind that anything that your heart desires can be found.

Thus, if you feel like you’re ready to explore the world with us, please contact Beagle International General Manager Vicky Fallótico and team at experience@beagleinternational.com and we’ll be glad to help you.



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